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I got new sails this year from "Beilken" in Germany. They are one of the the best and greatest Sailmakers in Germany, also in the regatta scene, but they know the special needs of bluewater- sailing. They constructed the main and mizzen sails with vertical sticks to make the lateralplan bigger. The sails are rolling into the masts as good as before. Next year I will write down our experiences. You can ask Beilken after the measurements. They did file them in teir computer system.


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Is the genoa larger as well, or just the main and mizzen?
Increasing the foot dimension can change the Ce (center of effort)a bit. Gateff built a lot of Amel sails so I'm sure they've got it sorted out. I don't know if I'd want to go any larger on the genoa.

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Four years ago I bought a set of sail from Gateff Sails in Toulon, France
(Sails Gateff is now part of Doyle Sails). Gateff makes the sails as large
as is physically possible-significantly larger than the factory
specifications. He used Hydra Net material. After a transatlantic and
more, the sails look like new and the light air performance of the boat is
much improved and it tacks through a smaller angle. If anyone is
interested, when Doyle bought Sails Gateff, Doyle acquired the computer
programs that run the sail cutting machine so they should be able to
duplicate the size and shape of these sails.


Miles (sm216 Ladybug)

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