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A thought

While I fully understand the advantages of keeping information and photos
together on one site, an alternative solution could be to use one of the
great photo sites as storage for photos and other illustrations – e.g.
Picasa, Flickr or the like. Most of them offer an opportunity to tag photos
with keywords which are then searchable.

So the photo of the failed outhaul car would be tagged: outhaul, car,
failure, boom, mizzen

And could be found using any, some or all of these. The more keywords – the
more a search is narrowed down.



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Emne: [Amel] Photo uploads...some thoughts

I believe one of the more valuable sections of this website is the photo
section where we can all share photos of particular maintenance issues and
solutions. The problem is that we do not follow a logical or pre-planned
method of posting photos and Yahoo does not provide a search of photos.
Additionally, the only thing that the owner/moderator can do is delete a
photo or an album...he cannot move things around. And, lastly the only thing
Yahoo does for us is to sort the album based on Album name...most of you see
the problem this presents in naming an album incorrectly or with (")
quotation marks or other non-alpha characters.

Recently there has been several discussions of mizzen car failure and
several of us have posted photos. I know of three different albums that
contain photos of mizzen car failure:
1.) Rigging Super Maramu
3.) Kimberlite

I do not offer a solution to this situation, but hope that someone can. The
longer this continues the more confusing and worthless this great asset will

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