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Dear Ann & John,
I also printed out a chart converting Liters to gallons and imperial
gallons which I have laminated and stuck under the lid where the fuel
fill is located- it reads in reverse- if the dip stick reads x liters
you need to add y gallons.
When we fill I also station someone at the overfill as you can hear the
tank getting full.

Here is part of a note I sent to Ian & Judy,
We carry 260 gallons of diesel on a passage. 160 in the main tank 50
gallons in a nauta tank and 50 gallons in Gerry cans both in the port
locker. As soon as we use up the first 50 gallons, we empty the nauta
tank and put more stuff in the port locker from the stern. I hooked up a
24-volt transfer pump to empty out the nauta tank, and use a cheap $5.00
siphon pump for the Gerry cans. Much neater than trying to aim a can at
a moving funnel.
We have the 100 hp yanmar engine.

What did you use to fasten your mizzen traveler control lines to in the
Fair winds,
Eric Freedman
Kimberlite SM 376

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From: Anne and John Hollamby []
Sent: Saturday, January 17, 2004 1:21 PM
Subject: RE: [Amel Yacht Owners] Fuel capacity

Dear Ian and Judy,
Thanks for your advice. If, as and when we do another ocean voyage, we
shall carry a lot of spare fuel in cans in the big locker to the port
of the cockpit which should weight on the weather rail in the trade
This would be possible as we have altered the lifelines on the transom
take a cradle for our life raft. See the photo in the Bali Hai album.
We have never tried to fill the tank completely as we have yet to go
distance so we cannot comment on that point. I suppose we are very
conscious of the risk of an overflow as our Oyster used to overflow over
the teak deck as well as sucking sea water in through the breather pipe
when motor sailing to sail closer on port tack in strong winds and
We altered the plumbing pretty quickly after getting rid of the water
of the injection pump, luckily the water only got through after the boat
had been standing in harbour overnight).
There are times when I think that I have made a mistake in reading the
dipstick or in my arithmetic when the tank takes more than it should but
the other hand it may be an optimistic meter on the fuel tanker!

Best wishes from Malta, Anne and John Bali

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