Re: 110 lb Bruce Anchor



Sorry, I haven't proceeded with fitting the big Bruce up there on
the bow--so nothing to report.
I stopped short of this because of the success of the Spade anchors
in tests conducted in the various press, including Pratical Sailor.
And the recent issue of Yachting Monthly conducted a test of
anchors, with poor reviews for the Bruce and Bruce clones.
If anyone has a suggestion on where to find the best price on a 30kg
galvanized Spade, that'd be great.

Richard Tate
SM "Spice"

--- In, Louise o Bengt MÃ¥rtensson
<tintoamel@y...> wrote:
Long ago You wrote about fitting an 110 lb Bruce anchor.
How did it fit? Did it work well for You.
best regards
Bengt MÃ¥rtensson

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