Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Annual Haul Out

amelliahona <no_reply@...>

Hi Eric:
I saw your boat at Marina Cay in Road Town a couple of weeks ago.
Looked bristol. Could you please describe in detail the bow
thruster seal service process? What do you need to check on the
rudder screws? Do you just need to check that they are tight?
Thanks, Gary Silver Liahona Hull # 335 Sea Cow Bay, Tortola

-- In, kimberlt <kimberlt@o...> wrote:
We just had our bottom done. It was sanded and we had 2 coats of
ultima ablative paint applied. We used 5 gallons.
I also replaced the two lip seals for the bow thruster- one on the
thruster shaft and one in the thruster through hull opening and 3
inserts. You should also replace the wearing out bearing and the 3
on the prop shaft and the sail drive oil. The zincs on the rudder
the zinc and bearings on the weed cutter if you have one. Also,
the screws in the rudder hinge.
Fair winds,
SM 376 kimberlite

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