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Jose_Luis Isasi

No probs, mate. This things often happen. I will check the line for some time and try to intercept if happens again. You may experience that your messages (the right ones) do not appear immediately on the board as I need to approve them previously, sorry to bother.


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John Luis

Can I apologise for the inappropriate post. I do not undertstand where it came from and can assure you that I was not trying to advertise in any way. I have set the virus checker on it and have can I assure you that it will not happen again I was not even on line when it was posted. My only interest is in getting our boat up and running

Sincere apologies


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The message from Deborah Woods is an advertisement. I found no virus.
Thanks. I have deleted the post and I will control messages from Deborah´s email until this is cleared.

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