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I don't think any of your yacht club members have ever been to the Caribbean or the Pacific. Maybe they are talking about the Bahamas. This would surely be true of that shallow place. You won't have any problem with 7 or 8 foot draft any where in the Pacific or the Caribbean. We recently spent a week cruising the notorious east coast of Martinique where we were the only cruising boat there. Talk about shallow and reefs !! Our 6ft. 7" draft made it just fine. John Sy "Moon Dog" sm248

Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2012 09:46:10 +0000
Subject: [Amel] Amel Maramu 46

Hi, this is my first post in the group so apologies in advance if these questions have been answered previously.

How will the 6' draft effect cruising in the Caribbean and Pacific and access to bays and anchor / mooring grounds - I have received a lot of unasked for advise from members of my YC regarding not being able to make a lot of entrances through reefs etc to many bays in the Caribbean and Pacific ?? What's your experiences ?

Another question I have is regarding the 22 oversized Keel bolts which hold the external ballast - according to the Maramu profile drawings pt. 9 - how can you access them to check their integrity??

We're seriously looking at an Amel Maramu this weekend and any input / experiences you care to share would be very helpful.

Thanks again for your support, really appreciated :-)

Fair winds


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