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Jose Venegas

Keep us informed Alain. I checked my SM 278 and found it came with the NMEA FFD which I plan to connect via an AT10 NMEA converter to a new B&G Zeus Chart plotter that I just installed at the helm. Although the Zeus has its own NMEA 183 input, I am using it for receiving the AIS signal from a B class AIS and this runs at >9600 Baud rate.
Do you know at what BAUD rate is the NMEA FFD running its NMEA 183?

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Dear all,
Very good news!!!
Thanks to the information of Mike and Bill, I have contacted Myles and
Tinley. Both proposed me a new or a used/refurbished NMEA FFD. I bought one
refurbished from Myles for 860$ shipping to Greece included, ,just installed
and tested. It works great!!! Through NMEA 183 connection I can now get my
NAV data in my PC and sail in vane mode with my S3 Raymarine autopilot.To be
exact, everything seems OK in the harbour with the AP but I still need to
test it at sea.
Now to be complete, Pochon and NAVICO in France have proven to be totally
inefficient in this story.
Fair winds

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