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Jose Venegas

Just a little more info and questions on this topic.
As I am preparing Ipanema for a transatlantic passage this spring, I decided to replace its standing rigging too. It turns out, my SM2000 came with metric cables but, at least on the main mast, the turnbuckles are made by ACMO which is standard NOT metric!!
I asked the previous owner and he tells me he did not change the rigging of the boat and was not aware that the first owner had done so, which makes sense given that he bought a boat with <5 years of use. So it is possible or likely that AMEL was using standard turnbuckles by the time it was building my boat. The rigging company tells me that many European boats are using standard hardware in their rigging because, for the same screw size they are stronger due to the shallower thread. Can this be possible?
My yard tells me that they can find all the metric cables and replace the turnbuckles for some identical to the ones it has except that the one for the 12 mm cable comes with a pin that would be just a little larger than the size of the chain plate hole, which would have to be re-drilled a few thousands of and inch and if done properly would not reduce its strength.
Question 1: Can any body with a SM2000 close to the hull number 278, check the type of hardware on their rigging for me please. If they came with all metric I would have to conclude that the first owner did change the rigging in the USA and ended up using standard instead of the metric hardware. Still, I don't think this would have made weaker the rigging since it involved cable of the proper size and, if anything, oversized turnbuckles but it would be great to know because the age of the rigging would be at least 4 years younger and make me reconsider the purchase of new rigging at this point
Question 2: Any body knows a place that sales metric rigging in the USA? I asked Joel by e-mail but I know he is sometimes too busy to answer.

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We want to replace our rigging on our Amel Super Maramu 1991. The riggers we are working with in Seattle are recommending to use imperial fittings instead of metric. They would alter chain plates etc. as needed.
Has anyone done it this way or how have you dealt with the lack of metric rigging components.


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