Re: French Lessons


Rene,<br><br>Glad to see your English is about
1000% better than my French. I had a schoolboy capacity
30 years ago. Hopefully I will get to re visit
France in this wonderfull French boat. You bet I will
study hard then! Thanks for the offer of help, I am
sure to be contacting you.<br>Bob<br>p.s Buying a boat
at the end of the sailing season hurts.

French manuals


If you don't want to learn french, try to buy a good dictionary (English-French). If no solution at all, we will try to help.<br>Ren Ortmans<br>SM 204 Fare Nui

answer to asm 83


We never used storm sails. We prefer to stay far
from storms, using weather faxes by ssb. Till now, we
succeded and had no real dangerous storm in 13 years...We
think a storm sail is dangerous to rig in rough seas,
unless you install it permanently on a furling system. (
risk of man over board...) The standard sails of the
Supermaramu are sufficient in 99 pc of the
situations.<br>Fair winds to you<br>Ren Ortmans<br>SM 204 Fare Nui

Storm Tactics for Super Maramu


Hello<br><br>I am a new owner of a Super Maramu
2000.I am intrested in what storm tactics worked best
for this model or a similar model. I am thinking of
adding an inner forstay for the purpose of flying a
storm jib. Although I have never seen o Super Maramu
with this feature.<br><br>Thank You<br><br>Vito

Re: 2 times around the world with 5 amel


Hello Rene<br><br>I am a new owner of an Amel
Super Maramu 2000. I am intrested in what storm tactics
worked best for you with the Super Maramu. I am thinking
of having an inner forstay added for the purpose of
flying a storm jib. Although,I have never seen a Super
Maramu with one. In your cirumnavigation did the
standard sail inventory suffice. <br><br>Thank
You<br><br>Vito Ciaravino

French Boat, Great; French Manuals, not.


Just bought our Super Maramu from one of the other members, he got a new one!! Hope some of you French owners out there are good translator's. I am going to need you!!!<br>Bob & Mina, Long Island NY

Its Great to have a forum


Hello Amel Owners. Its great to have an Amel
forum for english speaking owners. I am the Owner of a
Super Maramu 2000 she is currently in Mystic CT but in
a few years I hope to be wandering the oceans of
the world. My boat was the demonstrator that Joel
Potter used for the last few years, so many of you may
have been on it. I hope to communicate with many of

Sharki Lovers!


Hi everyone, just discovered this club from some
other Amel owners. Presently we are sailing our little
Westsail 32, having left New Zealand some 7.5 years ago
and are now in Palma de Mallorca, Spain ... and
finally have discovered a cruising yacht to move up to.
Yes we too are searching for a Sharki. Would prefer
one without in-mast furling so need it to be pre-83
(we think). If anyone knows of any on the market
would love to hear from you. <br><br>And once we have
our new boat will no doubt need lots of advice.
<br><br>Will be in touch.<br>Chris & Millie

Re: Hello Amel Owners


Hello Dahna & Patrick,<br>We live in New Orleans.
Altho we do not have a Sharki yet, we longingly look at
our only Sharki in the New Orleans harbor. We are
wanabe Sharki owners.(No...We are "will-be" Sharki
owners...) When in town, we'd love to introduce you to our
Sharki friends. <br>Happy sailing,<br>Eva and Donald

MariaCarola Euros n.103 1973


merci de votre msg<br>jai ete cette august in belgio<br>a bientot



My problem now its a original "passerella"<br>my euros 103 1973 now its new but my mind look for a new one likes sharki<br>Paolo



je ne se pas se changer mon euros<br>maintenant rennuve ma vieille e cherche un sharki 11, est ce que possible vendre mon bateaux<br>merci

Hello Amel Owners


We are Dahna & Patrick, owners of an Amel Sharki
Hull #49. We are currently in the Galveston Bay area.
We are the 3rd owners of this boat and are currently
refitting her for cruising a year from now. Until then we
are coastal cruising around Texas and Louisiana.
<br><br>We have replaced the electronics and and installed a
new furler, along with some engine work and new motor
mounts/shaft and have repainted the decks. Still have new
rigging to install. We look forward to hearing from other
Amel owners and sharing information.

Re: Xanareva - 1985 Sharki


Hi Richard and Tamara,<br><br>Glad to hear about you. When are you taking of with Xanareva. The world is beautiful...<br>We hope to see you one day in Belgium.<br>Ren and Fabienne

2 times around the world with 5 amel's


Fare, sharki 11<br>Fare, sharki 165<br>Super
Fare, supermaramu 17<br>Asuka, maramu 265<br>Fare nui,
supermaramu 204<br>90,000 NM with amel boats. If I can help
anyone with my experience, I will be glad.<br>Fare Nui
is now in Brisbane, maybe for sale...<br>It's a 98
model fully loaded for a circumnavigation. If you know
anyone interested, let me know.<br>Fair winds to
everybody.<br>Ren Ortmans

Seven Seas Cruising Assn meeting


If other Amel owners are attending the annual
Seven Seas Cruising Association meeting in Melbourne,
Florida, November 9th thru 11th, perhaps we can meet each
other. We live in the Melbourne area so if anyone needs
local info please let us know!<br>Rich and Tamara Tate

Xanareva - 1985 Sharki


We're Rich and Tamara Tate and presently living
in Satellite Beach, Florida--our Sharki is docked
behind the house (we're on a canal that leads to the
intracoastal waterway on the Atlantic coast). We are the third
owners of this Sharki. We'd had Xanareva for six years
and, in addition to regular maintenance, look to make
improvements or minor modifications to make cruising better.
Among other things, we've added a Monitor windvane to
the boat several years ago, and this summer replaced
all the original Amel standing rigging with new 316
ss wire and Sta Loks (top and bottom) as well as
replaced the electric jib furler with the ProFurl NC42
unit. Our Perkins 4108 is running strong with 4,800
hours--knock on wood! We look forward to sharing ideas with
other Amel owners.



We are Sara and Bill. We purchased our Super
Maramu in LaRochelle in September of 1999, and became
full-time liveaboards then. We sailed to the Caribbean in
November of '99 with the ARC, and have sailed in the
Caribbean since that time. We are currently awaiting the
end of hurricane season in Trinidad, and will
actually stay there to experience "Carnival". Then we'll
sail up the island chain as far as Antigua or
St.Martin, and then back south again by July 1st. Our only
major re-fits have been replacing the anchor with a
Spade and replacing the charger with 2 50-amp
Mastervolt chargers.

Stargazer ... a 1986 41' Amel Sharki


We are in the process of moving to Charleston, SC
to Bohicket Marina. We are liveaboards
currently.(except for the fact we are living with my in-laws
between the freshwater lake and the coast) This our next
phase of our goal towards Cruising.<br><br>We at the
present are peeling the hull, repainting the upper hull
and masts/booms and revarnishing all exterior wood
and cabin sole.<br><br>We are doing this job in
Columbia, SC where we have lived aboard for 10 years.
(lived on the Amel for 6 of those years)<br><br>We have
completely replaced all systems except the autopilot. New
refrigerator/water heater/new stainless steel galley (yep, we cut
out the damaged mahogany galley) pumps, water lines,
ash tongue/groove ceilings, new Lewmar hatches. We
installed an inverter, beefed up the battery
bank.<br><br>Our next big expense will be the engine in about 2
years. <br><br>We are also in the process of applying
new non-skid. So we have our hands full over the next
few weeks.<br><br><br>We do have some questions for
Amel owners of older models as we tackle new projects.
So we would like to hear from you on your
re-fittings successes and difficulties.<br><br>The new Amels
are gorgeous and we know that you will enjoy the
newer and improved Amels. <br><br>I love my 41' as I
(Delores) can completely handle her on my own without my
husband's (Gene) help. He does travel a bit and I take her
out for weekends sailing and anchoring when he is
gone.<br><br>Once we get to the coast I will learn to handle her in
the tides and currents. <br><br>Gotta go and eat
supper. Later, Delores and Gene Carter

Re: Amel Yacht Owners


Curious as to how you got my name, as we are
really "pre-owners", scheduled to take delivery of our
Super Maramu 2000 on 9/16/02. Currently in Sarasota, FL
and boatless, but getting ready. Would be interested
in input from anyone who has been-there-done-that
and made any mistakes. New boat will be ANTARES.
Thanks, Jim Wiggin