Re: 32mm 1 1/4" Bronze Ball Valves - USA


Consider using a valve that includes a grease zerk fitting for lubrication: GROCO Bronze Valve
IBV-1250 BSPP:

This bronze valve has 1-1/4" female BSPP threads which will require pipe thread sealant. More:
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On Sun, Jun 6, 2021 at 6:37 AM Mark McGovern <mfmcgovern@...> wrote:

I just replaced the ball valve in my forward head.  Believe it or not, but I got mine on  Do a google search for "IBV-1250BSPP" which is Groco's part number for this valve and you will find several sources for it.  Defender will also special order it for you from Groco but it takes awhile.  They will do that for most of the manufacturer's they carry.

Mark McGovern
SM #440 Cara
Deale, MD USA

Re: 32mm 1 1/4" Bronze Ball Valves - USA

Mark McGovern


I just replaced the ball valve in my forward head.  Believe it or not, but I got mine on  Do a google search for "IBV-1250BSPP" which is Groco's part number for this valve and you will find several sources for it.  Defender will also special order it for you from Groco but it takes awhile.  They will do that for most of the manufacturer's they carry.

Mark McGovern
SM #440 Cara
Deale, MD USA

Re: Lofran windlass electro motor

Slavko Despotovic

I got new motor and replacement was easy and massy. But it work now perfectly. One more question.  I would need to replace push button that is on the windlass itself. Any idea where I can order? I searched internet but no success.
Adding some photos.... 
SM 2000
#279 Bonne Anse in Portoroz

Re: For those that missed the first procurement of Rub Rails

Ken Powers SV Aquarius <ken@...>

I believe that the cost will be about $1000, and as I understand it, each Rub Rail weighs about 35 Lbs.  Shipping cost TBD.  The factory is in Florida.

Photo of an installed section attached.
Outline of the Dye attached.

Ken Powers

BT SEALS Aquarius

Ken Powers SV Aquarius <ken@...>

To All,

I think the Previous Topic has become too large.  The interest in the Jose designed Seals is a bit overwhelming.  I have already placed a PO for 20 sets, and paid for the 20 pieces.  To this point 13 have been paid for in my Paypal Account.

Ken (me) - 2
Taun - 5
Nick - 2
Michelle Day -2
Ian Bone - 2
Total - 13

7 remaining to sell..

Eric in the EU has said he will purchase 2 sets, but I have not received the payment.  Not that I really want to deliver to the EU, but I am going back to Lithuania late July and can ship from there.

If you would like these Seals in July:
 1. Send and email to my Ken@... email saying you want X number.
 2. I will send you an email back with availability and my PayPal Account details.
 3. You pay, and include the address where to ship in the Paypal system.
 4. I send you an email that you have paid, and delivery information.
 5. I ship seals to you.

Before they ship the Instructions for Installation will be complete.  And, I think there should be a Teflon Cap designed to make sure
everything stays in place.  The installation would be difficult to screw up if a properly designed Teflon Cap was installed.

For those of you thinking this is a money making opportunity, it's not.

Cost of goods - $71.50
Cost of Shipping to me - $? But could be about $3 each
Cost of Paypal - $4
Cost of Shipping to you - $5 - $20
Lust so you know.

I do want to sell the remaining 7 and get them off my credit card.  

All the best,

Ken Powers

Re: BT seals


Hi Jose and Ken,

Looking at the issue I was seeing coming about managing the orders, payments and delivery I would like to know if Jose can share with me (us) the drawing and details about the silicone quality (and hardness) used for the working BT seals. Then I'll try to find here in France a manufacturer and make the seals available at least for European owners.

Of course, it can be perfectly understandable that it's not possible if there's any intellectual property rights attached to the design.

Kind regards

Fred S/V ScentStone

SM2K #375


Ken Powers SV Aquarius <ken@...>

Here are the instructions as I understand them.  There still may need to be some changes for the final draft. 

Steve Davis and Jose should give their thoughts before I would say the instruction set is complete.

Option 1). This is how Jose installed the New Silicone Lip-Seals.  And Jose wrote that there should be not problem with the Wiper becoming detached.
Option 2). This is how I understand that Steve Davis installed the Seals for the second time.  He tried Option 1 and had problems.  He has sailed 4000 miles without any hint of water intrusion.

I would lean toward Option 2 because there is more surface area of the upper Lip Seal in contact with the wall of the Lip Seal Cavity.  For this reason I believe Option 2 to be a superior installation.

BUT, If my experiment with a machined Teflon Bow Thruster Seal Cap is successful, Option 1 with the cap would be the ultimate solution!

Steve and Jose should chime in.  This thread should only be used for preparation of the BT Seal Instruction Set.


Ken Powers
In Thailand aboard SM2K#262

32mm 1 1/4" Bronze Ball Valves - USA

Mark Erdos

Hi all,


Does anyone have a source for a bronze 32mm / 1 ¼” ball valve with BSP threads in the USA?


Bronze ball valve fabricated with a high copper content, so that these bronze fittings function ideally in areas below the surface.



With best regards,





Sailing Vessel - Cream Puff - SM2K - #275

Currently cruising - Tahiti, French Polynesia


Re: BT seals

william reynolds

Please put Cloudstreet on the list for  2 sets
Bill Reynolds
Cloudstreet SM2K 331

Re: sv ABAYOMI #cal-notice

Rudolf Waldispuehl

Hi Eric & Els


Congratulations to your new Boat. You have purchased the best Super Maramu I know!

I know NATHAPE quite well, and I know Nathalie & Hanspeter how they looked after her beloved AMEL.


Best regards


Ruedi Waldispuehl

WASABI A54. #55

Currently close to Cartagena (ES)


Von: "" <> im Auftrag von Eric Opdeweegh <e.opdeweegh@...>
Antworten an: "" <>
Datum: Freitag, 4. Juni 2021 um 12:24
An: "" <>
Betreff: [AmelYachtOwners] sv ABAYOMI #cal-notice


Dear Amalians,

Happy Days!!! 

We were always convinced there is only one type of boat to circumnavigate this blue planet comfortably and safely! A boat designed by Henry Amel himself!
It appears we were not the only one who had come to that conclusion:)

After Months of seaching and beleaving the right boat would cross out pads we can anounce 

We have become the proud and new owners of the Amel Super Maramu hull no 158.
The yacht, formerly known as NATHAPE after the exceptional nice and dear previous owners Nathalie & Hanspeter will be baptized soon as sv ABAYOMI

Abayomi: Bringer of happiness; Born to Bring Joy

We feel humble and proud to be part of this extra ordinairy group of Sailors.

Our great thanks also to Bill Rouse for his great effort, excellent advise and assistance in the purchase.

Hope to meet you one day somewhere on this beautifull blue planet.

Happy Sailing to all,

Eric & Els Opdeweegh
sv Abayomi
Hull 158  
Soon sailing from Italy through the Med to the Azores and The Netherlands

Re: BT seals

Nicolas Klene

Hi Ken
Could we have the address if the manufacturer to order ourselves and save you the trouble ?
thanks Ken
Nicolas Klene
SM2K # 471
In Marseille

Re: BT seals

Ken Powers SV Aquarius <ken@...>

Hello All,


The appetite for the Jose designed seals was completely unexpected.  


Currently I have ordered 20 pieces at $70.50 per set not including shipping.  I don’t expect the shipping on these seals to be expensive being they weigh next to nothing.  The delivery is 3 weeks.  They should arrive in Vegas by the end of June.  I will have 18 pieces to sell from this batch.


The current requirement for these seals is about 75 sets, and I guess it sez a lot about the Jose designed seals.


I asked the manufacturer if there would be a price break for higher quantities.  The answer was “$70.50 is as low as they will go”, and they said that “the quantity does not matter. The price and the delivery are almost completely due to the material.”


Thus, anyone can order 20 pieces and get the same price.  I don’t want to afford to order 80 pieces at $71 each, or $5600.  It would be a very large pain in the Ass as one person wrote.



There is one problem with these seals.  I have corresponded with two people that have installed these lip seals.  Both failed at the first attempt, and the $81 set of seals were scrapped.  This is not acceptable, and the reason why was because there was no instructions on how to install them properly.   One person that failed at the first attempt, installed the 2nd set upside down, which might be the best way to install them.  Then he sailed 4000 miles without any hint of water leakage.  There needs to be clear and concise instructions available to anyone that buys these seals.


Here is what I will do.


  1. I will take down all the information about installation, and put together a set of clear instructions that should work for all of us.
  2. The first people that Pay the $81 for each set plus $15 shipping and handling for US delivery will get the remaining 18 units. 


Send me an email to ken@..., I will tell you how many are left, and you can send the payment via PayPal.  I will message the group when all have sold.


I will post my installation instructions as a message for more discussion with the group. 




Ken Powers




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Reminder: ZOOM Meeting with Bill Rouse Presenting what he offers Amel Owners and Amel Buyers

20:00 to 21:00
(UTC+00:00) Etc/GMT

Galveston, TX

Organizer: Bill Rouse brouse@... +18323806969

An RSVP is requested. Click here to RSVP


Note Date Change: As most of you know Tilo Peters, a group member does an amazing job hosting our zoom meetings. He had a conflict with 25 May. Our meeting date has changed to 5 June. I hope that this does not conflict with any attendees' schedules.


This ZOOM Meeting will be presented by me, Bill Rouse. This meeting will be for Group Members interested in buying an Amel and Amel Owners wanting more information about their Amels. I will have a special gift for all of those attending the meeting:

I will review all of the things that I offer Amel Buyers and Amel Owners including: 

·       The Amel Book

·       Pre-Purchase Consulting

·       Training Courses

·       24/7 Support

·       The Online Amel Book 

All those that RSVP and attend will receive 30 days of free access to my new Online Amel Book. To receive this, you must RSVP regardless of whether you will attend via Zoom or YouTube. Access instructions and your password to the Online Amel Book will be emailed to each RSVP’d member after the meeting is completed. Access to the Online Amel Book is timely as many of you will be returning to sailing in the coming months. Also, included with access to the Online Amel Book is 30 days of free access to Amel Book Supplements, which if printed would be 20,000 pages. 

Time: June 05, 2021 20:00 GMT

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 830 4815 8394
Passcode: 537093

YouTube Live Stream:

Re: BT seals


Hi Bruce,
I'm a little confused...
First, I can't seem to open the attachment on my android phone.  Can you post it un-zipped?

Can we/should we order the Jose seals directly from the source, or is someone putting together a huge order?  I had only 10 or 12 people to whom I provided 3D-printed cabinet/drawer handles, and the worldwide shipping was a pretty big hassle.

Kent & Iris
SM 243

Kent & Iris

Re: Holding tank riser


Thank you Peter...was hoping the panel with the cubby holes could be removed without major cutting.


Kent & Iris

Re: SM winch motor brushes

Bill Kinney


The chances of the furling motor and the winch motor sharing brushes is vanishingly small.  not QUITE zero... but very close.  The electric winches were supplied by Lewmar (they are not an Amel specific part). On our boat, the winch drive motor and gearbox were made by Bonfiglioli, while the furling motors are Leroy Somers.  If your boat has the Bonfiglioli furling motors, the chances go up by a tiny bit... I do not know if Lewmar used exactly the same motors throughout the production run for these winches.

I haven’t had the opportunity to pull apart the motors for the winches, so can’t help with the details.  Like the furling motors, these motors and gearboxes are standard industrial parts.  If you can read the motor label ahead of time, you can pre-order the brushes.  If that’s not possible, once you have the old brushes in hand and can measure them, you can almost always get them from Grainger, or one of the companies who specialize in motor brushes.

We have found that all of the Lewmar dealers and distributors in the USA (including Lewmar USA) were pretty helpless as far as helping us with parts for these winches.  Nobody we talked to had the information about how the parts for the electric version was different from the the much more common manual version. We ended up getting our parts from Ocean Chandlery in the UK.  They immediately knew and understood exactly what we needed.

And in the “for what it is worth” department:  On Leroy Somers motors used in the main sail furling system:  Leroy Somers changed the design of the motor several years ago, but KEPT EXACTLY THE SAME PART NUMBER.  The new motor has the same electrical and power specifications, bolts in place and works fine, but is a slightly smaller diameter, and, most importantly, has a completely different design for the brushes.  If you order brushes based on the part number, it is a tossup on getting the right part!  Just a heads up that having the brushes in hand and ordering based on dimensions is sometimes the best thing to do.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Eleuthera, BS

Re: BT seals

Arno Luijten

Many thanks to all involved making this set available and to Bill pointing out the A54 can also benefit from this product.

So I would like to order two sets as well. They can be shipped  either to Miami or St. Martin (Dutch Caribbean).
Please let me know how to proceed.

Thanks in advance,

Arno Luijten
SV Luna,

Re: sv ABAYOMI #cal-notice

Alain Blanchard <akdf85@...>

Hello Eric & Els
Congrats. We Sail hull 146 and enjoy a lot.
We might cross each other in Med since we will sail soon from France to Italy then Greece.
Fair winds / Alain

Envoyé de mon iPhone

Le 5 juin 2021 à 04:02, Ken Powers SV Aquarius <ken@...> a écrit :

Congrats on the "New" boat!  Good choice!
Fair Winds,

Re: Holding tank riser

Peter de Groot

Hi Kent and iris,
On the forward head we had to remove a portion of the thin plywood below the tank. We also had to enlarge the holes in the shelves where the hoses pass through. It looked pretty rough until the hull liner went back in.

Peter de Groot
La Querida, SM #207

Re: Engine blowers

Bill Kinney


Others more conversant with new model Super Maramus might know better, but I am going to guess that the thermostat was an addition by a previous owner.  Certainly older Super Maramus did not have this, the blowers were switched only by the ignition key.

If I was looking for such a thing, I’d start in the aft, port, outboard corner of the engine room, up high on a wood panel, where the relays are located.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Eleuthera, BS.

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