Stargazer ... a 1986 41' Amel Sharki


We are in the process of moving to Charleston, SC
to Bohicket Marina. We are liveaboards
currently.(except for the fact we are living with my in-laws
between the freshwater lake and the coast) This our next
phase of our goal towards Cruising.<br><br>We at the
present are peeling the hull, repainting the upper hull
and masts/booms and revarnishing all exterior wood
and cabin sole.<br><br>We are doing this job in
Columbia, SC where we have lived aboard for 10 years.
(lived on the Amel for 6 of those years)<br><br>We have
completely replaced all systems except the autopilot. New
refrigerator/water heater/new stainless steel galley (yep, we cut
out the damaged mahogany galley) pumps, water lines,
ash tongue/groove ceilings, new Lewmar hatches. We
installed an inverter, beefed up the battery
bank.<br><br>Our next big expense will be the engine in about 2
years. <br><br>We are also in the process of applying
new non-skid. So we have our hands full over the next
few weeks.<br><br><br>We do have some questions for
Amel owners of older models as we tackle new projects.
So we would like to hear from you on your
re-fittings successes and difficulties.<br><br>The new Amels
are gorgeous and we know that you will enjoy the
newer and improved Amels. <br><br>I love my 41' as I
(Delores) can completely handle her on my own without my
husband's (Gene) help. He does travel a bit and I take her
out for weekends sailing and anchoring when he is
gone.<br><br>Once we get to the coast I will learn to handle her in
the tides and currents. <br><br>Gotta go and eat
supper. Later, Delores and Gene Carter