French Boat, Great; French Manuals,


Amel now supply a really first class printed manual in English - and also a CD in all languages. Maybe Amel will send you one, (it's copyright)or maybe they would agree to you receiving a copy.


Silvercloud,<br><br>Thanks for tip. I believe you
are talking about the new cd rom manual for the 2000
Maramu. I did get a copy from Vito (a member in this
club)who I bought my boat from. It is very good and
informative. However, as we all know, Amel made some changes,
Watermaker, charger, batteries, heat etc. It is these areas
that I know will be the 1st to present problems for
me. All the same I am grateful for the cd info. Such
a great boat anyway, these little problems will be
a joy to deal with. Moved up from a 37ft Tartan, 22
yrs old so I know all about fixing stuff!!<br>Sitting
out here in Oyster Bay NY, probably the only person
on his boat tonight, 46 degrees outside but nice and
warm inside. Making the most of the last sailing days
in the North East.<br>Bob<br>Hi Vito :)


hi,<br>i am located in huntington and would love to talk to you about your amel.<br>please call/ e-mail me<br>thanks<br>eric freedman<br>631-423-2000<br>kimberlt@...