SM owners, speed log question


Hi Bob<br><br>All Amels list including my SM
2000. If you look at the design of the boat 80% of the
storage is on the starbord side. Load that baby for a
long cruise and shell straighten right up.<br><br>Vito


Our Sharki has about a 2 degree (or so) list to port as well. I've seen even more on a Maramu. Haven't heard of any explaination!<br>Richard


Does anyone have any advice for erratic speed log
readings on a sonic B&G. Also, is the 2 deg list to port
on my SM normal, I have noticed others but seem less
so. Majority of the heavy equipment is sited on the
port side, generator etc. is that why Amel moved the
battery bank to the starboard berth on the SM2000?