Maritime dictionary


Recently Hanspeter asked for the translation of
"solenoid" The German translation is
"magnetspule"<br><br>Renently, when I was at the Factory M. Selo had a wonderful
French - English maritime dictionary by Barbara Webb.
When I started making enquiries I was told that it is
out of print - it was printed in 1965. However, I
have just tracked down the new edition. In fact there
are 2 versions of it. The one that I have in my hot
little hand is the German edition. It is called "
Internationales Yachtwrterbuck" by Barbara Webb and Michael
Manton. Publisher Delius Klasing - a German company.
Their web site is<br>It can be
ordered from French & European Publications -
212-581-8810. Their URL is www.frencheuropean.<br>The only
problem with this edition is that the index etc is
written in German<br><br>The English edition. It is
called<br>"Yachtsman?s Ten Language Dictionary" 2nd edition<br>ISBN Code
0_7136_5295_0<br>Additional Info 148 x 210mm 224pp paperback<br>Short
Description The second edition of the Yachtsman?s Ten
Language Dictionary has been revised and updated to take
into account the developments in electrical,
electronic and mechanical equipment, GRP boat construction
and the patterns of charter, flotilla and cruising
skippers. Arranged in helpful subject categories for easy
reference, it is unique and comprehensive and will be
invaluable for any boatowner venturing abroad.
<br>Languages: English, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Dutch,
Turkish, Danish, Greek, Portuguese<br>Subject Pilots and
Cruising Guides<br>Publisher Adlard Coles Nautical
<a href= target=new></a><br>Author Barbara Webb & Michael Manton with the Cruising
Association<br>Status In stock<br>PRICE Unit Price Pounds Sterling
15.99<br><br>The only problem with the dictionary is thast one
cannot look up a word alphabetically as everything is
cztegories such as engine, rigging, electronics
etc.<br><br>Peter Weston<br>Amelia Pearl SM 248