European marine supplies


Can anyone tell me of a marine supplier like West
Marine which sells metric parts and equipment
manufactured in Europe? It would be great to find a company
which also speaks English - perhaps in the Caribbean?
Thanks.<br><br>David Lambertsen<br>s/v Have Fun!<br>Amel Maramu 258


Hello David,<br>Not sure I fully understand your
request, but after spending 5 years in Europe on my SM, I
have learned that there is no equivalent to West
Marine in Europe. It's a very fragmented industry over
there.<br>The best shipchandler in France is Accastillage
Diffusion. They carry most of the stuff on Amel boats, from
batteries to anchor chain, and especially fittings and
hardware by Wichard and other European suppliers (but so
does West!)<br>AD has a web site: I think it's only in French. They have a dealer
in ST. Martin, called Profil Ocean, tel # 05 90 29
00 66 (that's a French phone number, not sure of St.
Martin's prefix). Hope this helps.<br>Roy
Benveniste<br>Super Maramu #195 "Excalibur"