Amel Yacht Owners Re:alphatronics converter

Anne and John <hollamby@...>

Sorry about the delay. The address for Alphatronics is 29 Newtown Business
Park,Poole,Dorset BH12 3LL. Ph 01202 715517,
fax 01202 715122.Email sales web
Their range covers converters 28/12 volts from 6amps to 30amps isolated and
unisolated. The 30amp isolated for SSBs etc costs about 180 pds but the
others are much cheaper. Pochon quoted me 8,700 French francs for an Icom
converter but a mate who does the electronics for some of the Volvo fleet
put me on to these.
I asked the guy at Alphatronics why they were so reasonable and he says
they make huge numbers of the for trucks etc and the isolated ones are
government approved for petrol tankers etc.
Regards, John Hollamby