Electric Service in the Caribbean

pagandaisy <no_reply@...>

We've been sailing the Caribbean for almost 20 years. Pagan is a
1994 SM so I'm not sure all the appliances aboard are the same as
yours. The only one aboard that doesn't run on both 50 and 60hz is
the diswasher, and as we never use it, that's not a problem. You'll
find every variety of voltage and both 50 and 60hz in the islands.
I'm fortunate dthat I had Amel install a dual system when they built
the boat5. i can bring either 120v or 220v aboard. It makes things
very simple. If you wanted to do the same a retrofit is very
simple. If you intend to island lhop you'll end up purchasing
locally a few different male plugs. I strongly suggest tht you buy a
receptiacle tester to avoid electrolisis. It's an inexpensive device
that tests for open ground, reverse polarity, open hot, open neutral,
etc.. I have found both open grounds and reverse polarity in island
marinas. They have gotten somewhat more professional about their
electrilcal service since I first came to the Caribbean, but you will
still find some pretty outrageous wiring. Good luck