New Batteries for SM 2000 /Help Please!

mcgosprey2000 <no_reply@...>

Listmates: I own an SM 2000. As predicted by Amel, the battery bank
is failing as I approach the 3 year mark. The battery replacement
problem is as follows: The original batteries are AC DELCO, but an AC
Delco European model not available in the US. The US model (Group
27) is close but the battery posts are located differently and I
will likely have to change the battery cables if I use the US Delcos.
I would like to replace the batteries, if possible, without changing
the battery compartment or lengthening the cables to accomodate new
batteries. Is there anyone out there who has changed the batteries
on the SM, and if so, what make/model did you install? Thank you
Michael Glass
Second Call