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There is no doubt that having a folding bike on board is a plus. As far as I'm concern I have two on board and going shopping when the grocerry is several kilometers away is not a chore anymore. Not to mention the other administrative issues which sometimes requires you to go several time to the Harbour master office, always located at the back of beyond. However you should keep in mind that the salty air will oxidize any peace of metal which is not aluminium or stainless still. As such I would recommend you to go for an all aluminium bike. I'm personally using two Halfway bicycles made by Giant. Very good product indeed. Once folded, in their bag, storage is not an issue at all.
I bought these bikes in Asia where I leave. They cost me half the price that they cost in Europe and I courrier them to France.
Super Maramu "RIGEL II"

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Hi Amel owners,
We will take delivery of a SM2000 May 5, 2003 in La Rochelle, and
I've ordered my SSB (Icom 802) and am wondering what you all do for
an antenna. I understand that Amel is of the opinion that we should
have whip antennas, but do any of you have a backstay antenna on a
SM? If so, did Amel do it or arrange it?
Secondly, any opinions from you experienced cruisers on the value
of folding bikes? I've heard various opinions - some say they have
them but wouldn't get them again. There is certainly room in the
aft "garage", but I'm not sure if they are usefull enough to justify
the space and weight they require.
I've learned a lot since finding this group. Thanks to everyone
who's posted.
Bill and Cathy Nation
Sogno di Mare (to be)

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