[Amel Yacht Owners] SSB antennas and Bikes

Anne and John <hollamby@...>

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You will need a 24>12 volt isolated voltage converter.Specify Alphatronix
30 amp.It is much cheaper and ideal for the job.You will also need an
aerial tuner,I recommend SG -230 Smartuner, see www.sgcworld.com. For an
antenna I accept SGC's advice, page 12 of the Smartuner manual:-
"4.4.Backstay Antennas-8 meters(28 feet ) or longer.......Although we
would love to sell everyone a high performance marine whip antenna,the
backstay of a sailboat is almost impossible to improve upon in most
If you are cruising worldwide you might be better off buying a small Ham
transceiver as some nets change the frequency in use during the session to
get away from interference. This is easily done with a Ham set but usually
difficult to do quickly with most SSBs.
If I were back in La Rochelle again I would call in the local B&G
technician to ensure that the equipment is fully connected e.g. to get the
B&G installation hooked up to the Raytheon autopilot's fluxgate compass to
get true wind speed and direction on the B&G etc. Our boat was delivered
without any GPS connections to the equipment !! Yes, do get folding bikes
with gears and rear carriers to lash a plastic crate to for shopping etc..

Good luck from Bali Hai in Greece Anne and John