[Amel Yacht Owners] Leaking pressure vessel, Bali Hai SM 319

Ian Shepherd <g4ljf@...>

Hi Anne & John,

you are not the only one to have a leak! I had one after just 3 months from new but the warranty replacement has lasted over two years with just a little rust on the outside around the neck. The tank is actually contains a bladder (I think) to smooth the water supply and to allow for expansion when the tank heats up. Why it has to be made of mild steel, is a mystery, but I believe you need to have one in the circuit to allow for expansion.

I know it's a messy job, but you might want to remove the immersion heater from the bottom of your hot water tank and check if the magnesium sacrificial anode is still there. It is held by two copper brackets to the copper calorifer tubing. I have replaced mine twice in two years, though to be fair, I did have an installed accessory electrolysis problem that probably speeded up the anode depletion. If you have signs of red coloured hot water, then you anode has gone. The red is dissolved copper! Magnesium anodes are hard to find off the plumbers shelf in this throw away age, but Mon Selo at Amel has plenty.

I hope that the new tank lasts a long time.

Best Wishes

Ian Shepherd SM2 299 "Crusader"