looking for a new engine

Luis Gonzalez Vallejo <l_gonzalezvallejo@...>

My Amel Mango needs a new engine .I ask your advise to choose an engine in the range over 100 HP suitable for this boat.

Regards from eastern mediterranean coast of Spain,


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amelmango <chiefnelson@hotmail.com> <chiefnelson@...>

My Mango has the Prekins 4-236 which has proved to be a great
engine for the boat. If you must have more horsepower for some
reason, Perkins turbocharges the 4-236. It would then fit on the
same mounts, would be able to use the same transmission (although I
would add a oil cooler to the Hurth if not already fitted), and use
the same shafting, etc. However, if you go with too much boost, ie
HP, you will have to increase the shaft size which means a new stern
tube which will translate into a lot of money for a questionable need
of more HP. There are a few more issues like exhaust size, waterlift
size, and of course you will have to see how you will prop for an
increase in HP with an already close tip clearance. Research it well
before you repower is the best advice.
Best regards,