[Amel Yacht Owners] Wind Generator

Anne and John Hollamby <hollamby@...>

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Do not get the American Aeromarine as you will not only suffer from the
noise but will also be very unpopular with your neighbours.
I saw a test report of a new type in a British Yachting magasine a few
months ago. It was on a generator which was on a transom mounted bracket
and could be fitted with a water propeller and pivoted down into the water
for downwind sailing or pivotted upwards fitted with an air fan for use at
anchor or not down wind.
Whichever one you pick put it at the top of the Mizzen or on a pole aft.
In 1989 I fitted mine on my then dog ( Oyster woof woof) just above the
radar and then discovered that I could not use the mizzen staysail.......it
doesn't damage the sail. it just stops both sail and generator from

Good luck Anne and John Hollamby, SM 319