Pre wire for SSB

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I am about to undertake the installation of an Icom 802 on my Super
Maramu. It seems a straightforward installation. I have several

1- The SM comes prewired for an SSB. There are 3 wires behind the
removable pannel by the nav station marked BLU 24v. It looks to me as
this is a 24v positive, negative and also a ground. The wires are of
sufficient gage that they can take the voltage. Is this part of the
prewire and is this where the SSB tranmsmitter should be grounded.

2- The antena tuner that is installed in the lazarette. Is there a
ground plate installed in the SM. Is there a grounding point in the
lazarette or should I run the antena ground back to the same point as
the tuner.

3- Is there anything that I should do to help the performance of the

Thank You in advance.