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As the ex-owners of a very leaky Oyster we have lots of experience in this
area. Get some waterproof epoxy which comes in a clear plastic tube about
one inch in diameter. Sand the affected area to form a key and knead some
of the epoxy which then is like plasticene. Mould it around the leaky area
and problem solved.

Regards from Anne and John Bali Hai SM319

Stephan Regulinski

Anne and John,

Thank you so much! I actually had to try this twice since my tube of
epoxy was old and would not set up even after 30 hrs. I cleaned it
off and replaced with Marine Tex grey which set up nicely in about 6

Next question: how long did this repair work for you? I am
cautiously using the head now and nervous about wether the bonding
will survive bouncing around in heavy seas.

Note to other SM owners: the aft head fiberglass pan has two holes
in it in the vacinity of the ball valve. If any of the holding-tank
plumbing leaks, the waste goes down these holes and then has be
cleaned out from UNDER the shower pan (yuck!!). I used plumber's
putty to seal the hole for the tube from the macerater and adhesive-
backed foam to seal the cover plate for the access hole. For me,
this was closing the barn door after the horse was out . . . but for
some of you . . .

Delos (SMM #303)

Anne and John Hollamby <hollamby@...>

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Hi Stephan,
The stuff we used was bought Down Under and was called Knead-it. The
Evercote Everfix Epoxy Stick listed in Westmarines catalogue must be the
same. WM say "Handles like modelling clay, bonds like epoxy and hardens
like steel in 20 minutes".
It does and it was still perfect when we got rid of the Oyster five years
Best wishes Anne and John Bali Hai SM 319