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Dear Ray,
Is it safe to equalize sealed batteries. My concern is that water that
boils off can not be added back.
Fair winds,

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I have the original Amel supplied sealed batteries. My monitor
show 100% after charging but I haven't really paid attention to the
voltage after charging. What should it be when the batteries are
fully charged?

Thanks, Gary Silver SM #335 Liahona
Hi Gary,
I have the older model battery monitor, and % charge is
unreliable. Therefore, I monitor voltage closely. Fully charged
Delphi sealed batteries, with little or no load on them, should read
close to or above 26 volts. This reading should be obtained at least
30 minutes after charging has stopped. Really good batteries will
read as high as 26.3 or 26.4 volts. I recharge when the voltage
drops below 25 volts. I would not recommend letting them go below
24.75 volts (Again, measured with little or no load. A heavy load
will drop the voltage).
If the batteries "top off" too quickly, and also discharge
quickly, it is usually a sign that they are sulfated. I have found
that applying an equalization charge, using my Heart Interface
inverter/charger, of 32 volts for a period of 8 hours, does wonders
for restoring the health of the Delphi batteries. I now apply an
equalization charge every 3 months or so, and the batteries act like
new. How long this will last, I don't know. My first set lasted 5
years, but that was in the Med, with lots of motoring and marinas.
Since then, with 18 months of ocean cruising and few marinas, I have
found that the batteries lose their "vigor" faster.
Hope this helps.

By the way, Mr. Wagner at Dessalator is very helpful. If I
remember correctly, his English is quite good, too.

Regards, Roy


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