Sail Tack & Clew Securing Lines

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In discussions with Joel yesterday he revealed to me something that
I hadn't previously known that I would like to share.

I inquired about his recommendation for replacement intervals for
the topping lift lines and the clew and tack securing lines. He
indicated that he thought the topping lift lines (those for the two
booms) should be replaced every couple of years. This especially
made sense to me when the boat is located in the Caribbean where the
UV damage to lines is high.

As for the tack and clew securing lines he indicated that they
should be replaced with similar strength line since they are
selected from a material that should fail before something else
breaks. He indicated that Amel supplied some of this extra line to
owners when they took delivery. I did not receive any and I was
wondering if other owners did? It is not a big deal and I can
certainly order some from Amel (or at least find out the breaking
tensil strength specification from Amel), but inquiring minds want
to know. If this is a fail safe item it would also be important to
know how many turns of line Amel considers appropriate for each of
the tacks and clews. If you know the answers to these questions
please post

Gary Silver

s/v Liahona Hull #335 Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands