Magica Rust Remover

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May 1, 2004

Hi Everyone:

I have discovered a wonderful rust remover like nothing I have used
before. I had previously tried several others from various sources
including West Marine, all with marginal to no results. I bought a
small tube of a product call "MAGICA RUST REMOVER" at a chandlery in
St. Martin. When the head sail for my Amel SM was sewn, a simple
staple was laminated between two plies of the tack area material.
This single staple, over two years, rusted creating a 6 inch diameter
horrible rust spot in the tack of the sail. I applied some of the
Magica to this spot and stood back fully expecting it not to work.
However, over a period of about 10 minutes I just watched it
disappear. IT WAS UNBELIEVABLE. No damage to the sail, no residue,
etc. I flushed the area with copious amounts of fresh water, then
started using the stuff on all the other rust spots on my boat. We
had numerous small flecks of rust in our gel coat where hot ash fell
on the boat from industrial plants in La Corunia Spain. I had tried
virtually everything I could think of on these to no avail. You
guessed it, the Magica took it off first time every time. This
stuff worked so well I had to believe that it would cause some sort
of lasting damage. None apparent so far. I even contacted the
company and was reassured that I should not expect any damage. I
bought a bunch more for future use. You can buy it online at . Make sure you type MAGICA with an "A"
on the end. When I first tried to google this name I typed
magicrustremover without success.

Try it, you will be impressed.

Regards, Gary Silver Amle SM 2000 Hull # 335
Currently in Providenciales, TCI (Turks and Caicos Islands)