Anti Siphon Valve



I have posted three pics showing how the vented loop has been
installed on my Perkins in my Super Maramu. Look for them in
the "Super Maramu - interior" photos folder on this site.

I recommend Nigel Calder's "Boatowner's Mechanical and Electrical
Manual". He has a good write up on pages 258-259 (with drawings) on
siphon breaks for engine installations both above- and below- the

All the best,

Richard Tate
SM#5 "Spice"


I have a Mango with a M-92 Perkins installed. I am looking for ideas on the
correct way to install an anti siphon valve or loop. The old engine had a
valve installed between the seacock and a refrigeration condenser which was part
of the raw water system. I am not sure if this is OK though the boat
travelled 1000s of miles in this manner.
SV Eshamy Mango#15 Michael P. McCarthy