NMEA 0183

hns154es <hns154es@...>

Dear Richard, Gottschalk and John

Thanks to all of you for helping us, to connect NMEA of the B&G
Hydra 2 to the other instruments. Once you know how it works, it is

As a resume of all your infos: The NMEA FFD is used to connect the
Hydra 2 system to a NMEA device. To do this, the NMEA FFD has a 9
core cable of which brown, blue and violet are used for NMEA.

NMEA Input Signal - Brown
NMEA Input Return - Blue

NMEA Output Signal - Violet
NMEA Output Ground - Black

Safe sailing to all of you
und immer eine handbreit Wasser unter dem Kiel :-)

Hanspeter & Nathalie Wehrli
Sm #158 "NatHape"