SM 2000 Fresh water system, hot water heater, watermaker and,antifreeze

John and Anne on Bali Hai <hollamby@...>

Hello Mike,
Congratulations on buying a great boat.
To access the water tanks all you have to do is remove the Galley
fridge,washing machine and the fridge under the aft saloon seat so
that you can take off the covers to the three sections of the
tank.The machines can be stacked in the front of the saloon.The
bottom of the tank is at least four feet down so I hope you have
long arms!
How do I know? Amel had to do this to tighten the keel bolts and
they had a long steel bar with a socket welded on the end to do
it.They also had another one with a chisel welded on to remove the
resin sealing around the nuts.
Copy my Subject as above in the search box at the bottom of this
page and read the results, especially 1130 and 1363 for more info.
You refer to antifreeze,I hope you are talking about the edible sort
bought at a pharmacy....the engine sort is methanol and may make you
drunk just before you die.
My boat is five years old and I have never cleaned the water system
and had no problems. The sea water temperature here in Malta varies
from 15 to 30 degrees Celcius so we do not have to worry about
antifreeze.We usually fill it with our 160 litres per hour
watermaker because we hate chlorinated mains water and mains water
here in Malta does not come up to EU standards. When we have to use
the mains we run a lot to waste and then top up the tank with the
minimum needed through a water filter. We then dry the filter
element so that it does not become a breeding ground for nasties.
We have never treated the watermaker with anything other than a
fresh water flush (from the tank) if we are not going to use it for
more than a week. It still produces 160 Litres per hour. We do this
at the suggestion of Olivier at Amel and although we did not believe
him he was absolutely right.
The make of water heater is changed from time to time. Ours is a
Quick and replacing the anode is described in one of my previous
missives and there also pics of it in the Photo section under SM319.
I changed the anode after about three years,the old one had vanished
and I suspect that the new one also dissolved itself within about
three months as the hot water used to fizz when it came out.
Incidentally the reason why I list all the contents of my message
under the Subject heading is to facilitate searches.
I am going to minimise this and check that my broadband connection
is running because the first time I wrote this I hit SEND and it all
vanished as the connection had timed itself out. Two tired fingers!

Enjoy your boat, Best wishes, Anne and John, SM 319