water making fridge!!

caramel02uk <pjn.mccallin@...>

thanks for the advice on the gen set, I will start checking
connections again. On a different tack, my fridge is somehow
generating water/condensation? which in turn is flowing into the
bilge. I am presently in the caribbean so ambient temp may be an
issue. Has any else had a similar problem, I checked the small pipe
which collects water from under the ice box tray and it seems fine
Thanks in advance Patrick sm 385

amelliahona <no_reply@...>

22 Dec 2005

Hi Patrick:

I had a similar problem (hull #335) since the boat was new in 2001.
I had Amel trouble shoot it in La Rochelle and Guadaloupe without
success. We periodically had water in the bilge area under the
companionway. I originally thought it was from condensation on the
coils at the bottom of the fridge because there was always a lot of
frost on those coils when we were in the Caribbean. I had a
refrigeration expert wrap them with insulation to solve that problem
yet the water continued. There is a drain in the bottom of the
fridge (a small white plastic plug centered in the bottom stainless
tray of the fridge that connects to a drain that runs out the back of
the fridge) but also the bottom stainless pan in the fridge isn't
sealed around the edges. Water came from either of those two
sources. The drain hole in the bottom of the fridge went to a small
nipple on the back of the fridge (similar to the once from the
freezer compartment hose that you already checked) but my nipple had
no hose on it and just emptied onto the floor behind the fridge
whereupon it ran into the bilge area beneath the steps to the
cockpit. We finally traced this due to an odor problem. I used 3M
5200 and layed a bead of sealant along all seams in the panels in the
bottom of the fridge as well as sealing the drain plug shut. No
problems since then. Use some masking tape to mask straight lines
along the parting seams in the corners where you lay the bead of 5200
as it will run and be a cosmetic nightmare otherwise. I believe the
main source was the drain without a hose attached. Why Amel didn't T
that drain into the drain line from the freezer compartment area is a
mystery to me. I chalked it up to a production error.

Regards, Gary Amel SM2000 s/v Liahona