Sea Water Valve / Stop Cock Replacement

rossirossix4 <equinoxsolstice@...>

Amel recommends replacing or rebuilding the "sea water valves" in
their maintenance schedule. In their owners manual they refer
these as "stop cocks".

I obtained replacement stop cock valves for the engine sea water
intake, fwd and aft head intake, and holding tank discharge from
Amel and they sent the correct replacements which are 1 1/4" and 1
1/2" ball

However, I received no instructions for replacements and don't see
this addressed anywhere. The engine and head intakes look fairly
straight forward, but the holding tank discharge valve appears to be
glassed in or on the bottom part of the valve. Almost looks like it
be cut or removed to replace the valve/ stop cock.

These are for my 1993 Santorin, but should be similar or identical
the SMs during this period. Has anyone had experience with
replacement of these valves? I would appreciate any advice you
give me. Also, is teflon tape or grease advisable in the

Bob Rossi, "Brittany de la Mer" #86.

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