Follow up to 28 volt replacement lamp


AMEL Owners Group:

Further to my last posting regarding the 28 volt replacement
lamp for the foredeck light and the mizzen mounted cockpit
light, G. E. makes both a spot lamp (clear, non-fluted lens,
more like a driving lamp on high beam) which is #4505 and a
fluted/diffused lens type (spreads the light out more than a
spot lamp) which is #4593.

Additionally, WAGNER makes (more likely sells a lamp from
another manufacturer) a 28 volt fluted lamp that is,
confusingly, a #4505 in their catalog.

I use the spot type on the main mast (more light to the
actual deck area) and the diffused lamp for the cockpit.
Seems to work well. Hope this helps.

All the best,
Joel F. Potter, AMEL 54 - HOLLIS, Hull #14