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Puerto Williams : Profile

Yachts entering the Beagle Channel area should contact the Chilean Navy on
VHF Channel 16. Puerto Williams is a naval base, but yachts are welcomed
there. Cruising boats are usually told to proceed directly into the small
western basin, close to the airport, where there is a concrete dock.
Shallow-drafted boats may come on its inside, or tie up alongside the
Micalvi, a former supply ship, now used as a yacht club by the locals.
Officials will visit the boat here, after which the captain must go to the
port captain's office to complete formalities. It is essential that those
for whom this is the first port of entry into Chile insist on being given
the compulsory customs certificate. Those who leave without it will have
serious problems when clearing out of Chile.

From September 2004, all the foreign yachts entering Pto. Williams had to
pay a new tax. From Monday to Friday between 08:00 and 18:00 o'clock, and
Saturday from 06:00 to 13:00 the Authorities charged US$ 40 every time a
yacht entered or left this port coming from or going to a foreign country.
In overtime, they charged US$60. At the end of October this tax was reduced.
The fees which now apply are as follows:

Yacht up to 25 tons: each time a yacht enters or leaves the country it must
pay: US$2.60 (Monday to Friday 0700 - 1900 and Saturday 0700 - 1300).
Outside of these hours, the charge will be 50% more i.e. US$3.90 (weekdays
1900 - 0700 AM and from Saturday 1300 to Monday 0700).

Yacht from 25 to 1000 tons: each time a yacht enters or leaves a port or a
marina it must pay US$40. In overtime 50% more (60 US$).

Please note: A yacht less than 25 tons of TRG must pay this tax only when it
enters or leaves the country. A yacht more than 25 tons of TRG must pay each
time it enters or leaves a port of Chile, even when it sails in Chilean
waters without leaving the country. Lighthouse and beacon fees are : US $
2.88 per year or US$ 0.88 per TRG for all the trip.

Capitania de Puerto
Tel:+56 61 621090, Fax:+56 61 621090, VHF Channel 16

Puerto Williams, Chile's most southern city, is the usual jumping off point
for Antarctica. It is situated on Navarino Island in the Beagle Channel.

The most pleasant, and safest, berths are at the Club Naval de Yates
Micalvi. It is based in a small inlet at the western end of the harbour.
There is an anchorage in Seno Lauta, with good holding, but exposed to both
easterly and westerly winds. It is free, but requires permission from the
Port Captain.

Yacht Clubs
Club Naval de Yates Micalvi
Puerto Williams, Chile
There is 3.5 meters on the outside of the'Micalvi', and 2 or less alongside
the portside. Water, electricity and hot showers are available. The bridge
and forward sections of the ship have been turned into a very popular bar,
for both passing crews and locals alike. There is a warm welcome here for