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Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2006 10:12:19 +0200 (CEST)

Problem with ONAN generator

Dear Patrick (Caramel),

I read on this forum that you had troubles with starting the ONAN group. I hope you solved the problem.

Me too, I have trouble, non at starting, but sometimes it stops at random while running, without the fault circuit breakers (engine or generator) having tripped. No need of any reset; without delay, it starts again as soon as I push the start button again and can run with the same charge for several hours. Fortunately, it does not happen too often, but since it is at random, it is worrying. I only noticed that it happened twice while using bowthruster, but I cannot see any relation between 12 V shut off and 24 V. motor.

Somebody posted to your intention on this forum, as a useful clarification, that he had a similar problem, and thought it was probably coming from the fuel shut off solenoid circuit. In my case, I quite agree with this suggestion, knowing that the solenoid is alive (activated) all the time during operation, if for any reason the electric feeding is cut somewhere, the engine stops…..but where is it interrupted?? I checked my connections but could not find any loose one. It could be the start/stop buttons, a voltage drop in the D.C. circuit….I am very puzzled!!

Unfortunately, I lost the name of the one who made this suggestion, but fortunately I kept his message. I indeed opened the top plate of the black control box, but I was not able to find the resistor he is talking about. Could he please help me a bit further?? I suppose the resistor he is talking of is the 10 W / 10 W. (part N° 353-0053) mentioned in page 71/ Ref. N°2 of the blue parts catalog as being included in D.C. harness. …But I really cannot find it physically in the control box.

Any help or suggestion will be very welcome.

Amitiés à tous sur Caramel …dès que nous atteignons un endroit civilisé, nous prenons votre journal.

Blue Marine
S.M. 311 / 2001