shroud protectors

Mark Pitt

Does anyone know of a place in the US that sells the 1/2 inch diameter
shroud protectors used on the Super Maramu?

Mark Pitt "Sabbatical III' #419

amelliahona <no_reply@...>

RE: Shroud Protector


I found all sizes from West Marine except the 1/2 inch diameter and the next smaller size
(7/16 I think). I could find no US supplier for those two sizes. I too had to order it from
Amel. I bought about three sets each since the shipping was more than the cost of the items.
At one point I purchased some from Laurent in Guadeloupe.

The stuff I bought in the US seems to be of better quality plastic since it doesn't seem to
crumble as quickly as do the larger diameters from Amel.

Gary "Liahona" Hull #335