gel coat repair

joseph mc donnell

I have a minor gel coat repair job to do on our 92 Santorin Khamsin B.
Can anyone point me in the right direction, as to where I can purchace
a small amount of gelcoat pigment for the job.
Thanks Joe McDonnell

Craig Briggs

We've also got a 92 Santorin with a couple of nicks (from a prior
owner, of course, not us :-)

We were in La Rochelle last summer and picked up the gelcoat from
Olivier Beaute, whom you probably know of in Amel's "after service"
department. I'm sure he can ship it to you. We also picked some up in
Amel's service shop in Guadeloupe a few years ago.

This is probably the only way to guarantee a perfect match as we had
tried with a "mix-n-match" kit and it was barely passable - the factory
goop is perfect - just add the hardener catalyst, apply and then sand &
polish. You can't tell it's there.

We got three colors: hull white, deck white and rub rail brown; the
deck "faux teak" brown should be available too. By the way, we also
replaced the Amel decals on the coach roof sides that were terribly
faded - simple job that really looks great.

Cheers, Craig Briggs