2 topics: Algae-X and the SM aft cabin vanity

john martin <symoondog@...>

Id like to thank the gentleman on this net who wrote a few years ago about installing an Algae-X fuel filter in his SM to eliminate the constant black streak problem from the engine exhaust. I bought one a year ago and have not had to clean the side of the boat since. I dont know how it works, but you just install it and forget about it, absolutely no maintenance. The best $170 I ever spent !

I also want to offer a belated response to emails some time ago about the aft cabin vanity. We never used the vanity and it occupies a lot of volume so we decided to make a cabinet out of it. See photos on this site in our folder Moon Dog. The little seat removes very easily (and can be reinstalled easily as well). We put one shelf inside, made of 16 deep household variety plastic coated wire shelving) that rests on the conduit ridge molded into the hull and is screwed to the existing bulkheads. The cabinet front is just a pices of varnished mahogany plywood, with 2 doors similar in style to the Amel doors (although we need to stain the edging dark to match the rest of the boat). We left the carpet in and the cabinet front is screwed in on each side through the existing bulkheads. All our improvements can be easily removed if needed. My wife loves it as it is a large cabinet that can hold bulky items such as linens, blankets, and many, many pairs of shoes as well.

We also installed some very simple book bars in the cabin cubbyholes. We got tired of all the books dumping out whenever we had a somewhat rolly passage ! See photos on this site in our folder.

John Martin
Moon Dog SM #248

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Hi John,

With great interest I followed your experience with the "Algae-X Fuel
Filter". It sounds terrific! However, after studying the respective
web-page I still have no clue what size unit I will need for my SM
143. Would you be so kind to help me?
Thank you in advance.
Rainer Bichlbauer
S/Y GIGUE SM 143/95

amelliahona <no_reply@...>

John: Re: "See photos on this site in our folder "Moon Dog". for pictures
of the cabinet and book bars, I looked and don't see those pics in your
folder. Please post.

Gary Silver