[Amel Keel


Hi Fellow AMEL owners,

The keel on all Super Maramus is cast iron, not steel (big difference) and the keel is not
encased/encapsulated in fiberglass. It is faired in epoxy, primed, and painted with

There is a very definitive procedure for repairing or replacing the epoxy coating that I
would be pleased to elaborate on if anyone has an interest.

All the best,
Joel F. Potter
AMEL 54, HOLLIS Hull # 14

Russ Roberts <russ.roberts.va@...>

Speaking of hull issues, I'm considering various hull materials for my next
boat. I want strength for occasional brash ice. I do not like steel and
aluminum because of corrosion. I am afraid of ferro cement because of lack
of knowledge. And I do not like fiberglass because of blisters (and the
question of strength). What is your experience with blisters and other hull
problems on the Amels? Thanks!

Jochen Hofmann <jochen@...>

Still, so that Russ is in the picture:

I have not heard of blisters on any Amel boat so far.

Our Maramu was built in 1984 - still in perfect shape.

amelliahona <no_reply@...>

Hi Joel:

I hope all is well with you and yours. We just finished hauling Liahona in Jolly Harbor Antigua
for the hurricane season.

I too would like to know the "definitive procedure" for priming on the keel.

Also, I just had Laurant replace the starboard windshield due to crazing, do you have any
thoughts on prevention?

Thanks, Gary Silver