[Amel Yacht Owners] Re: SM2000 propeller shaft seals

michael grunstein <mgrunstein2002@...>

Thanks Eric and Roy, I gor the bronze sleeve for this
time, hope to find the seals easily,
Michael #345

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Eric Freedman

did you try Maryland metrics?

Fair Winds,


Amel Super Maramu #376 Kimberlite


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I have a SM, vintage 1997 (hull # 195). But I believe the seals
did not change for the SM2000. On my boat, the seals are CORTECO I1
45-65-8 (45mm inner diameter, 65mm outer diameter, 8mm thickness).
Other markings on the seals are: BAU4 (I think that means they are
made of nitrile), and CFW (the manufacturer, Freudenberg-cFw).

I have been trying to locate a US source of these seals for some
time, with little success. I e-mailed the German manufacturer, their
US representative, and the Italian distributor, with no answer. I
have contacted local and national distributors of metric seals, also
with no luck. So, if you have any luck, please post your source.

Eric, I agree the whole assembly needs to be replaced at one
time. However, I mangled one of the seals a bit upon insertion last
time, so I would like a couple of spares.

If someone has info on the SM2000 shaft seals (whether they are
the same or different from those described above), please post it.

Thanks, Roy Benveniste, SM "Excalibur"

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I would like to have the specs for the prop shaft
seals (3 seals). To order from Amel means costly
Thanks for your help, Michael
SM2000 #345