removing Freezer/Refrig unit under bench seat in salon

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I do not have an answer for you but it seems to me that Joel Potter (Amel USA) or Olivier
Beaute (Amel Fr) should be able to address your question. They can be reached as follows:
Olivier : amel(at) Subject: Message for O.Beaute (SAV)
Hope they will be helpful. Please share your findings with the group.
Good luck and merry xmas


This is Bill on SM 72. I am trying to remove the unit and have disconnected electrics, undone bolts and removed all visable screws and the unit seems loose on the port side but the plywood section on the starboard side along the passageway will not come free from the apparent attachment to the galley island and I can not find any way to release it. I am trying to remove the freezer insert along with the plywood housing as it seems that is the only way without removing the compressor from the system which I do not wish to do. The unit works but I want to get to the inspection hatch for the water tank section under it. It feels like it will lift out if the starboard side could be released. Any suggestions?

Thank you

Bill Rahmig
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