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JP, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

Thank you for your thoughts. I figured it out. There are 6 or so screws accessable from removing the floor board under the table and three nut and bolts at the far port side. The trouble maker is at the bottom starboard aft corner where there is a long screw through the freezer framework into the passageway floorboard. It is blocked from unscrewing by a two screw block of wood in front of the head. You have to get at it from the storage space under the passageway floor boards. You have to be plastic man to unscrew the blocking screws from above by reaching them from below. Once the blocking block is out you can access the long screw facing starboard from the same location. I could not remove but one screw because my hands were too big and rubbed against the insulation of the freezer. I had a small fellow reach up and remove the other two screws and then the whole freezer unit with the compressor just lifted out very easily. Of course the electrical connections had to be removed which was easy. Hope this helps those with same goal of accessing the third section of the water tank.

Greetings to all, Bill Rahmig SM72, Leonore of Sark

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I do not have an answer for you but it seems to me that Joel Potter (Amel USA) or Olivier
Beaute (Amel Fr) should be able to address your question. They can be reached as follows:
Olivier : amel(at)amel.fr Subject: Message for O.Beaute (SAV)
Joel: jfpottercys@worldnet.att.net
Hope they will be helpful. Please share your findings with the group.
Good luck and merry xmas