Anchor chain counter

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Hi Ed,
I now have the details of the sensor on the side of the anchor winch.It
is made by a German company called IFM Electronics which has offices
all round the world. It is an inductive sensor, part no IB5076.
The website is If you click on products and enter the
part no in the search box you will get the specification and then you
can carry on to get a data sheet in language of choice.
I have done all this but it is beyond my comprehension.
However the sensor is warranted for five years and in use in
production lines and robotic controland and is ,I imagine bullet
proof. The unit comes with 2 metres of cable but this was cut off so
that a conection could be made in the winch !?!
It seems to me that your problem is perhaps in this connection or in
the display unit.

Good luck, John SM319

amelliahona <no_reply@...>

John wrote; "The unit comes with 2 metres of cable but this was cut off so
that a conection could be made in the winch !?!"

Hi John: Thanks for the info. on the chain counter electronics. I haven't
had any trouble with my chain counter but it is probably only a matter
of time. Are there other connections between the sensor and the display
unit? It is just a thought, but before replacing expensive electronic parts,
take a look at all the connections from the sensor to the indicator
looking for corrosion.

My deck level running lights quit working and I found the sockets terribly
corroded due to salt spray working its way into the AO lamps fixtures. I
bought new sockets for about $35 US each and cleaned up the wiring and
installed the sockets. They still didn't work. I checked voltage at the
bow sockets and had no voltage so I traced the wires to a junction box
in the port bow locker. I had infinite resistance when checking for
continuity. I cut the wire back thinking that I only had some
corrosion at the connectors but no matter how far I cut back I found more
corrosion. Salt water had wicked along the stranded wire all the way from
the lamp fixture on the bow pulpit clear down to the junction box in the
port locker. I had to replace the wire.

Perhaps something similar has happened with the chain counter connections.
It does live in a very hostile environment. Just a thought.

Regards, Gary
s/v Liahona
Amel SM 2000 Hull # 335

amelliahona <no_reply@...>

John and everyone else:

I just uploaded the data sheet and some other info on the IFM
electronics sensor for the chain counter to the files section in a folder
entitled Chain Counter Information.
Thanks again for your research on this.