FW: [Amel Yacht Owners] Super Maramu Grounding (Bonding) Theory

eric freedman

Hi Ian,

It is rather simple to change the strap in the water.

There is a photo of the strap with measurements in the photo section. I used
1/8 inch thick by 2 inch copper stock. The hole is about one inch.

I was fortunate to have a nearby metal shop so they bent the copper for me.
I would check the measurements before bending as your bilge might be

The bilge should be clean and dry. A shop vac comes in handy. You will need
a 30 mm socket and about 4 feet of extensions to get to the bolt. Mine was
rather loose and came off easily. I taped the extensions and socket together
to insure they did not come apart. I used a long pickup tool to remove it
from the bilge. I also taped the nut into the socket on installation.

What I did differently is I made the bracket about 12 inches longer so it
was way out of the bilge. You will to test fit it as if it is too long it
rubs against some plastic tubing.

Then the wiring is about 10 inches above the highest possible water . The
other thing that I did was to re use the end of the strap with all the wires
soldered to it.

I just cut the strap about 4 inches long and cleaned up the inside so it was
nice and shiny. I then wrapped it around the top of the new bonding strap
and through bolted the old copper to the new copper.

Fair winds

Eric sm 376 kimberlite


Hi Gary, Our list for Guadeloupe grows, as yesterday we discovered that our
copper strap in the engine room bilge has also parted, about 2" from the
keel bolt.Like you, we spend 6 months a year ashore ( unconnected to shore
power and with batteries switched off) .The first two years we were afloat
in a marina in England but for the last 6 we have spent 5 months out of 6 at
anchor.Our aircon has had light use.
Can anyone speak of reconnecting a new copper strip? Can the keel bolt be
loosened and reattached while the boat is still afloat?
Cheers, Ian & Judy, *en Azen, SM 302, Trinidad