rigging / autopilot 7000

phil.berghmans <no_reply@...>

hello all,

Can anyone give me the dimensions off the rigging specially the back
rigging?I want to order two insolaters to use the backrigging ass an
anteena for my SSB/email configuration.My Santorin 1994 is now in
Greece so i can't mesure it.Is it 6mm?

Can anyone give me some advice concerning the choice between autopilot
extra or spares or a windvane/pilot set.I plan to cross the atlantic
next year and do some bluewater cruising .Since one doesn't see many
windpilots on amels i was wandering how you manage the breakdown's
off the autopilots.I have the autohelm 7000 and found that the print
off the course computer allready has been changed.Which spare parts do
you take along or do you instal a second unit under the bed in the
back cabin?Or do you dubble everything as spare rotary drive,course
computer,fluxgate,...One aditional problem is that the 7000 is an old
system and doesn't have the same spares anymore as the 7001 and with
autohelm old models do not always communicate with new models?

Does anybody wants to share his experiance on this matter or do i have
to buy a total new system and take the old 7000 as spare along?

Thank you all for your help!Happy Newyear to all.

Phil from 2Miles ahead
Santorin 101