Super Maramu alongside Volvo Ocean Race fleet off Rotterdam

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Check out the photo in 'VOR' album; wonder if the owner is a member here with details/photos of sailing alongside the Volvo 70s off Rotterdam.

ladyannila <kanalmamman@...>

The Amel sailing alongsides Ericsson 3 is Tinto III on their way home to Sweden after beeing sailing around the world. Tinto is an Amel SM2000 from 2004. They crossed their outgoing track just outside La Rochelle, France some days ago.

They are now laying beside us in Falsterbokanalen, Sweden. And it is, as far as we know, the first time two Amel SM is in the same harbour in Sweden. We are at the moment 3 Amel in Sweden, 2 SM and one Maramu.

/Annsofie & Jonas
Lady Annila