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Eric back in my racing days when we shut down it was at idle. If you run it up and shut down the lube oil is off. If you are getting "bearing noise" from the turbo when you shut down it is suggested that you stop using the turbo until you get new bearings install. If the seize you'll lose the shaft and maybe the housing. I don't know how yours works on the Volvo there is a gate level that controls the entry gases if we had your issue we would put the pin so the turbo does not run up.
There is also a chance that a piece of gasket or debris of some sort is in there too.
Good luck see in a harbor soon.
Richard and Joan on Challenge sm209
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Today I closed up the boat and came home. As usual I ran fresh water through
all the systems. When I started the Yanmar I heard a strange noise. On
shutting down the engine I heard what I assume was the turbo spinning down.
I believe the sound comes from the bearings in the turbo. It was unusual and
I did not think that the turbo ran at idle.

Does anyone have experience with this?

Fair Winds


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