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When I chose to replace the batteries on Kimberlite, I continued with the
group 31 lead acid sealed batteries.

They cost about 80 dollars each and can be replaced anywhere in the world.
Sealed batteries are actually a misnomer as you can open the battery, add
water, and check each cell with a hydrometer.

you can also cook a agm battery and boil off the fluid which can not be

Fair Winds


Amel Super Maramu #376 Kimberlite


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Has anyone replaced their batteries with the Optima Bluetop AGMs? They're
expensive, but the hype seems to indicate the long term payback is worth the
initial cost. Their testimonials are mostly from bass fishermen who are
using electric trolling motors, etc. and don't really apply to cruising.
They also seem to be either very happy with the batteries, or hate them...no
in between. Any experience from the forum would be appreciated.

Summer Love